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Here is an opportunity to offer brief descriptions of the people behind the sites and Who is Who of Professional of Retail and Franchise Industry in Indonesia.


S. Muharam
Chief Content Development

Former manager at McDonald's, PSP Food Retail, Carl's Jr, and Mail Boxes Etc. Now He is working with multinational retailer in Indonesia, guest instructor at ALatief Business Institute and Founder of

Graduated from IPB-Bogor majoring Food Technology (1992) and McDonald's Hamburger University-IL,USA majoring QSR Operations Management (1995). Full fill his professional education at BOC until AOC at McDonald's, Wilkin's Food Safety Certification, CA, USA (1997), CKE Corporate Executive Training, CA, USA (1997), and Mailboxes Etc Business System, Jakarta (1998).

Award holder of Nature Science Junior Competition (1983), Depdikbud Scholarship (1984), Golden Archie Award of McDonald's Indonesia (1992), Dean's List, Team Leader and Gold Hat Award of McDonald's Hamburger University (1995), The Best Fresh Division Manager of his existing company (2000), Lead his team to be The 1st Winner of Washington Apple Display Competition (2001).

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S. Purwadi
Chief Network Development

Former manager at Hero Group (Toys City), ACE Hardware, California Fried Chicken, Disc Tara/Tarra Mega Store, and now working with one of multinational retailer in Indonesia. Active as a guest instructor at ALatief Business Institute and co-founder of

Graduated from IPB-Bogor majoring Industrial Techonolgy (1989) and Store Management at ACE Retail Management Institute, IL, USA. He also had joined professional education and courses like Hero Supermarket Management Program and Hypermarket Computer System at Seoul, Korea.



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